By Patsy Capps and Marcia Delany

Reading and Comprehension Exercises

Suggestions: Do make this a fun activity rather than a question and answer drill. Read the book without questions at least one time. 

Foundation Level

  1. Who are the main characters in the story?  (the Bear Brothers, or Joey and Jack)
  2. Where does the story take place?  (At the Bears’ home.)
  3. What happens in the story?  (The Bear Brothers get ready for their week at the beach.)

Interpretive Level

  1. The Bear Brothers are very helpful.  How do they help their mom? (They help pack their bags.  They jump out of bed when she asks them to.)
  2. How do you act when you get up in the morning?  (Accept any reasonable answer.)  How do the Bear Brothers act? (They jump out of bed, they are happy.) 
  3. Turn to the picture of the Bear Brothers playing in the water at the beach: (1) Describe what is happening in this picture.  (Let your child tell you everything they can about the picture.) (2) How are the Bear Brothers feeling in this picture?  (They are feeling excited, happy, playful.)  How does this picture make you feel?  Answers will vary.

These answers may vary depending on how your child answers each question.

Evaluative Level

1. How do you know that the bear brothers are looking forward to their beach vacation?(Answers will vary. The answer should include words or pictures from the story.)

2. This story is about family. How do you know it’s about family? (They are a mother andfather and two children who live together as a family. (Parents: Help your child realize that other families may be different than the family unit shown in this story. You may want to talk about a trip you and your children took to the beach, a special interest trip, or a relative’s home.)

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