The grocery store, particularly the fruit and vegetable section, is a wonderful place to begin teaching your preschooler the sounds of the letters.  Select those items that you typically use in your home.  For example, as you pass by the apples, say, “See the apples.  Apple begins with an a.  A says, “a”, apple.”   “Here are the carrots.  Carrots begin with a ‘c’.  C says ‘k’.”

As you come to the milk, say, “We need milk today.  Milk begins with an m and it says “mmmm.” Milk.”

When you get home from the store, put the lower case? magnetic letters that represent the sounds you talked about at the store up on the refrigerator.  For example, a for apple, c for carrots, m for milk.  As you do so, say the letter name and repeat the sound of each letter for your child:  “m says mmmmmm,” etc.

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