reading to infants and childrenFollow the steps below to develop your little one’s language and vocabulary and to introduce your infant or baby to the joys of reading! Begin with simple baby books that feature one object, animal, or person per page. Cuddle your little one in your lap and hold the book where your child can see it. Read the same books over and over to your child.

From Birth
1. Here is… Point to and name the object, animal, or person on each page. Here is a dog. See the cat. Here is a truck. I see a girl. Look at the elephant. Each time you read the book, begin adding animal sounds and descriptive words; Here is a dog. The dog says woof, woof. I see: a big dog, the little brown cat, a big red truck, the little girl, the large gray elephant.

When your baby can point
2. Where is …? Ask: Where is the dog? and help your baby point to the dog. Where is the yellow cat? Where is the big red dump truck? Where is the little boy? Can you find the big blue car? Help your baby point to each one. Babies love the challenge!

When your baby begins to talk
3. Who or What is…? Model this step first for your child. Say: What is this? It is a dog. Who is this? It is the Little Red Hen. Then ask your baby to respond by naming the object, animal, or person. When your child says, a dog, praise him and expand his answer. Yes, it’s a dog. A little white dog. And later: It is a little white dog with brown spots.


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