Introducing the Racing to Read App for iPad

Racing to Read is a fun set of activities to help your child learn to read. This app provides your child with direct experience with letters, sounds, and words to help build the skills crucial to learning to read. Your child will learn beginning sounds and blend them with word families. These activities will give your child the needed practice to read these words in simple sentences and story rhymes. This app is based on research and designed by two reading specialists with over forty years of experience.

Level 1

Level 1 Sight Word Books are for the beginner readers.

Level 2

Level 2 Sight Word Books contain longer sentences and more difficult sight words and nouns.

Ways to Read Sight Word Books with Your Child

  • Choral Reading

    - Read the stories out loud together with the child.

  • Alternate Reading

    - Parent and child alternate reading the pages aloud.

  • Repeated Reading

    - Parent reads a sentence or page aloud and the child reads the same sentence or page, repeating what the parent has read.

  • Sentence Completion

    - Parent reads a sentence orally from the book, omitting the last word and child supplies the word (parent and child can switch rolls).

  • Multiple Readings

    - Child reads the book orally more than once. Parent reads the book more than once to the child with expression. 

  • Comprehension

    - At the end of the book have the child retell the story. Retelling involves accurately telling the story in sequential order (from beginning to end). 

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