state achievement test results reading expresswayOur grandchildren recently received their results from the state achievement test in reading and math given last Spring. These results give children’s percentile rankings. This enables their parents to compare their performance to the performance of other students in their school, school system, and state. The results also give a national ranking and include a measure of each child’s reading ability in terms of grade level.

States give achievement tests each year. These tests and the way in which the results are reported vary from state to state. When you receive your child’s state assessment reading results, you will want to pay particular attention to his performance in the areas of reading and vocabulary, writing and language. If your child’s results indicate a reading level, check to see if he is on target for his grade level.

If you have any questions about your child’s achievement test results, please make an appointment to see your child’s reading or language arts teacher. Also, be sure to ask whether your child is reading on or above grade level. Reading level is important. For example, a child going to fourth grade needs to be reading on grade level or above in order to read and understand his fourth-grade texts. For more information, please see Reading Expressway Research on this blog.

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