Machine washable cloth books are perfect for babies

The best children’s books for introducing your infant or baby to the joy of reading while developing their language and vocabulary include machine washable cloth books, plastic bath books, board books, and shape books.  These books provide a child with auditory,tactile, and visual stimulation and with adult interaction, help your child develop language, coordination, and discrimination skills.  They will also help your child learn about shape, color, size, texture, function, and categorization.

Recently we have found these books at discount stores, baby stores, bookstores, pharmacies, and grocery stores.  These include T. J. Max, Marshalls, Walmart,and BuyBuy BABY.   They can also beordered on line.  Some of the bath andwashable cloth books squeak or rattle, a delight for little ones.  These simple books usually have just a fewpages and one object, animal, or person pictured per page.  This makes them ideal for using the Here is…Where is… Who or What is…?  method of reading to your infant and baby.(See this method in our blog section on babies.)

As you shop during the holiday season or any time for children’s gifts, remember to include books in your gift-giving.  Remember to include your time as a gift too. When you give books to a child and read these books in a spirit of enjoyment, you emphasize the importance of literacy and education.

Help your child develop the literacy skills needed for academic success!

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