I recently attended a baby shower at our church where I gave the new mother-to-be a gift bag full of baby books.  Included in with the books was a set of directions for the most effective way to read to infants and babies.   (See our blog post: Here is… Where is…? Who or What is…?)

            The teachers in attendance, who are former colleagues and coworkers, were amused when they saw the set of directions.  They all know how passionate I am and have always been about parents reading to their children and beginning early to do so. 

            I have almost always given baby books as shower gifts to expectant mothers and for special holidays (see our blog post: Books for Infants and Babies).  It is so important to begin reading to yourchild from the start.  Some mothers evenbegin reading to their baby in utero.

            When new parents receive these books with the directions, they are given the impetus to begin reading to theirchildren.  When parents know the most effective way to read to their infants and babies, then their children get a great start on their language and vocabulary development.

            Did you know that children who are successful in school generally have parents and relatives who spend lots of time talking with them and reading to them?  By the time they enter kindergarten, these children have already spent 1000 hours of reading time with their families. This can be your child!

Baby books make the perfect baby shower gifts.

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