Reading Expressway Testimonials

reading expressway testimonials

Testimonials – Reading Strategies

“Use of the Reading Expressway reading strategies increased our state test scores and helped my teachers understand how to organize their reading program to achieve maximum effect.”

Elementary School Principal


“It is with great pleasure that I endorse the program, resources, and support Dr. Delany and Dr. Capps provided my students as both a middle and high school principal.  Their work afforded both my faculty and students the opportunity to gain valuable knowledge regarding strategies to support literacy, reading comprehension, and fluency.  This resulted in double digit gains in all core areas for regular education and students with disabilities as well as large gains at the high school level.

-Assistant Superintendent


“Our test scores went up from 60% to 89% achieving state standards.”

Principal of a large middle school


“Using these reading strategies gave my students the ability and confidence to read and understand more challenging text in all subject areas.  The teachers reported that class participation increased along with test results.  Even when taking the state tests the students were not frustrated or intimidated by the test directions and length of the passages.  These successes helped create a positive attitude about learning throughout the school!”

-Middle School Principal


“As the Instructional Specialist of a middle school, I support and endorse the reading and writing strategies presented by Dr. Capps and Dr. Delany to my teachers.  Their program is based on sound research that ensures the confidence of the students and their success in meeting and exceeding the reading and English Language arts standards.

-Middle School Instructional Specialist


“Before they went through Dr. Capps and Dr. Delany’s program, some of the special education students refused to do the state test.  After participating in the program, the students give no objection to completing the test. They performed willingly and were able to keep their attention on what they were doing.”

-Middle School Special Ed Teacher


Writing Strategies

“These writing strategies helped prepare students for writing assignments in each subject area.  The students were enthusiastic about writing and the eighth graders were prepared and passed the eighth-grade writing test.  Our middle school was second in the county in writing test scores!”

-Middle School Principal


“Thanks to the basic essay writing course, my 8-year old son is now able to write an essay!” 

-Parent of a Third Grader


“Thanks, Nana, for teaching me how to write an essay.  I can do it so easily now.”

-Seventh Grade Student




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